Stumbling Into A Passion


This post might seem silly or even tedious. This blog is after all dedicated for the most part to my writing. However, I now think that I may have been wrong in my labeling it as my passion.

True my goal is to be a published author.

It’s also true that I have a deep love for writing and it gives me immense pleasure to write.

Yet neither of those things could honestly be labeled as what I am most passionate about.

Perhaps it is counter intuitive but those two things I have found are actually the result of one true passion.

There was a moment, an epiphany, when I found that my greatest desire is to tell stories.

There is nothing more that I want than to tell stories. There might not even be anything I wouldn’t risk for it.

How does this change everything?

Does it change anything?

I don’t have the answer to that just yet but I look forward to finding one.

For an unknown reason I feel like that answer if I find it might just be profound.


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