Inevitably Vain


Two standing, one fallen.

Two proud, one now lacking the power to stand tall.

Against the backdrop their position could not be clearer.

Two understand that one day, one day their time will come.

Until then- the two will take advantage of each opportunity, ray of sunshine.

No one wants the final fall to be made in vain.


4 thoughts on “Inevitably Vain

  1. I can’t help but see some sort of co-relation between what you said here and the blogging experience itself. Captivating photo! I can see a man in the grass, on the left side: his head, shoulders and arm, as if he’s stretching out a bow to shoot an arrow…

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  3. In a way reminds a little of something I explored (called Flesh between bones) back in November on an alternative aspect to a similar visual. Love the vain perspective you’ve taken above.

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