Who Am I Writing For?


The most honest answer to this question is also perhaps the most conceited but it is the truth. First and foremost I write for me, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it and believe I had something to share. That is not the point of this exercise, I need help from my amazing followers. I have decided to take that risk and truly try to get published in some form or another, any form really but there are certain steps I need to follow.

The first step is this: I have to decide on my platform and my audience. Who am I writing for? Who are the people that read and I hope enjoy this blog? Please let me know, I think I have a general idea but I can’t be sure. I want to make sure I target the correct audience. The first step to failure would be to target the wrong audience.

How has everyone else decided upon their audience? Any hints? Suggestions? Any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Who Am I Writing For?

  1. Hmmm … always a tricky question. For me, I just wrote the book I wanted to read. It turned out to be geared toward teens, which makes sense, as I actually started writing the book way back when I was a teenager. I think the easiest way to figure out who your audience is is to just write your book — then read it, and ask yourself: who would want to read this? Sorry if that’s not very helpful, lol.

  2. You know, I tried to write to please others, but found I was so concerned with pleasing my imaginary audience that my writing suffered. Now I write to please myself and concern myself with writing a story I am proud of and would read.

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