Who Is She?

ShadowWho is she I wonder? Everyday I see her there completely alone. I have never seen her with anyone else. She doesn’t pay any heed to whomever passes by. She keeps to herself. Why does she maintain her isolation?

Does she dream as she stares off into the ocean? Does she cry quietly to herself as life passes her by? How is it possible that she is here in the middle of the day? Doesn’t she have responsibilities? Each day her routine is the same. There is no excitement, no deviation, no opportunity, no chance.

Each time I see her I create a story of what might be in my mind. I am never able to come up with a positive interpretation. Each time my mind delves into the numerous tragedies that must have happened.

The situation is unique, strange to say the least. I never see her come, I never see her go.

Who is she?

Am I her?

Are you?

What is the real tragedy?


6 thoughts on “Who Is She?

  1. A real thought provoker. Started my mind running in a thousand directions. Would love to see a bunch of short stories or poems using this concept. Hummmmm!!!!

  2. I really enjoy this effective piece. Captures the imagination and leads on to so many possible stories. Nice one. 🙂

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