The Friday Bucket List

Bucket List

I am generally speaking an extremely superstitious person, it is ingrained in my nature. Therefore my next few thoughts go against pretty much all of my instincts. Things have been going quite well lately; new job, school, great progress on my latest book and a blog I am really quite proud of.

It’s like everything is going my way. There I said it…out loud.

I can’t help but wonder then if I say a few other things out loud if they make come true.

So for this Friday I am going to write down the five most ridiculous things I can think of off the top of my head for my Bucket List.

In hopes of course that they will come true because….Hey Why Not?

1. World Wide Best Selling Author

2. Travel to every Continent

3. Do a Triathlon… haha just kidding never gonna happen.

4. Court side Season Tickets for my beloved Denver Nuggets

5. Inspire People with my Writing on a Global level.

Just in case you’re curious I left out; Marry Brad Pitt, Become President and Change The World because while it’s a great idea it has always been entirely too vague for my taste.

What ridiculous or even non-ridiculous five things would you add to your bucket list today?

Happy Friday Everyone!!!


10 thoughts on “The Friday Bucket List

  1. LOVED your Bucket list complete with the bucket! I have a thing written up with my wishes AFTER I die. I tend to have enough problems to think about, but I like the concept- and would write one up IF I knew what I wanted. I’m kind of unmotivated to do much- story of my life.

  2. I hope you get to do all of them! Such a great list. Thank you for making us think about our own bucket lists ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great Friday!

  3. I had to laugh reading this because I am superstitious too. The day before my last university final, I was thinking that I had 100 percent attendance at school. I then thought, what if I just jinxed myself. So, on the day of my last final, which was at 7PM, I arrived around noon to make sure I got there okay.

  4. 1. Stay gainfully employed. (first time in 8 years that I’ve had a decent paying, serious job)
    2. Get out of debt. (having two kids go through college while you’re largely unemployed really kicks yer butt)
    3. Get to a point where I can take a vacation, and actually go somewhere, on my own dime.
    4. Buy a *new* car! Current cars are 13 and 14 years old. (Can’t be a lease, because my current round trip commute is about 116 miles)
    5. Actually make money from my blog! (Google adsense has been screwing me over. Maybe that Jordan LaTour guy can help me out)

    Thanks for visiting Unclerave’s Wordy Weblog! Your old boyfriend, Carmello Anthony, is going to help my Kicks to the promised land!

    — YUR :-).

  5. It’s not Friday here, its Thursday and it’s 4:17am so can I be as imaginative and obscure with my wishes as I want?
    1) be paper published. ( goes without saying)
    2) teach a duck how to sing Suspicious Minds.
    3) learn how to fly an elephant.
    4) jump over a tall building in a single bound.
    5) feed five-thousand three hundred and twelve people on the contents of one can of semolina.

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