One Moment

oceanviewIf you could take just one day, one moment and have it completely to yourself what would you do? Where would you go? What would you create? This is my choice.

Happy Friday Everyone!


10 thoughts on “One Moment

  1. I would like to create wind channels, for commuting to and fro, make all cars obsolete in one go 😉 , people would just walk in the air and float, they got full control bumps no accidents no insurance anymore..I would like to create a system to control the breeze as mode of travel indeed.

  2. I love that building; however, just looking at it makes me a little uneasy (fear of heights). I would love to be in the mountains, looking at a lake, cold beverage by my side, and my kindle.

  3. I would tell my mother how much I love her — I still find myself thinking, “Oh, I must show that to Mom” — she’s been gone for 28 years come 26 May.

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