Friday Wonderin’


As the Holiday season quickly approaches I have been searching everywhere for fun and unique gift ideas. I came across this book chair and had two immediate reactions; how fun would that be and a great way to recycle old books, is there anyway that it is actually comfortable? I am torn, this would be a great piece to have in my home, but would I ever be able to enjoy a good book curled up on it? I am left wondering this Friday morning; what do you all think would it be comfortable? Happy Friday Everyone!


5 thoughts on “Friday Wonderin’

  1. It is imperative to be comfortable when reading one’s books. Also, if you are sitting in the chair, you might damage the book’s spines! Also, recycling books? That’s when you donate them to the library or give them away! If those books are glued together, or something, then you’ll never be able to read them! They will just be staring at you, and you, at them, wondering what wonderful stories you could have read… *crying*

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