Wandering With Kerouac

It wasn’t too long ago that I did a post about On The Road by Kerouac. The stylistic approach and the sense of adventure while not glorified spoke to me in a way no other book had before. I have a feeling that as the summer approaches I might read my work through all of his works.

They say the more you read after the better you write, although I will admit sitting down to write has been a struggle lately for any number of reasons.

Have you ever read a book by one author and then just been sucked into reading everything they wrote? If so who?

For the Kerouac fans, which book should I pick up next?


Friday Wonderin’


As the Holiday season quickly approaches I have been searching everywhere for fun and unique gift ideas. I came across this book chair and had two immediate reactions; how fun would that be and a great way to recycle old books, is there anyway that it is actually comfortable? I am torn, this would be a great piece to have in my home, but would I ever be able to enjoy a good book curled up on it? I am left wondering this Friday morning; what do you all think would it be comfortable? Happy Friday Everyone!