Crisis of Creativity


Things I have not been able to do for approximately the last three weeks:

-Get creative for my class projects (a story about a lime green chair deserves a chance)

-Blog creatively (you can pretend otherwise but we both know it’s the truth)

-Edit my current Work In Progress (I hate the working title so that will be my excuse)

Essentially I have been caught in a pool of creative stagnation.

So of course I did what any logical writer would do… I started a new novel. I am not even going to deny that the fact it is set in Vegas is me projecting.

What do you do to get going again?


Who’s Afraid of The End?

AfraidOfTheEndI AM.

I think that has to be the reason I haven’t finished the first draft of my latest novel. I have tried and tried to finish it over the last few weeks and I seem to find any excuse possible not to. Even this blog update is a form of procrastination.

Do you know what the worst part is? I know exactly how I want the end to work out, I have the basic outline so the writing can take me there but I can seem to bring myself to write it. I really like the novel itself, I think it has great potential……

Maybe I am afraid after all this work it will be horrible? Maybe I am afraid it won’t live up to my expectations? Maybe I am afraid that it won’t be worth editing? I don’t think I believe any of this but I seem to be sabotaging myself subconsciously….

Is anyone else afraid of the end?

What helps you break through the final wall?

Am I The Only One?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMusical talent is not something that I can claim, not even a little bit but I am really good at listening to it. Whenever I’m in a good mood or a bad mood I can find the music to fit me. It really should be no wonder then that I flip my ITunes on random when I am facing writer’s block, anyone else do the same thing? Do you ever find a song or a lyric that just grabs you and all you can do is hold on? It’s happened to me more times than I can count. This post being a perfect example, whenever I am looking to escape reality there is no man for me but Jimmy Buffett.

“He decided he wanted to live in a fantasy world and I thought what’s wrong with that?”-Buffett

Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That.

If Jimmy Buffett can make it as a Pirate, I can make it as a writer… who happens to enjoy a really great Margarita 😉

Is it 5pm yet?

The Never-Ending Journey



I know it’s there, I may not be able to see it on the horizon but I can feel it in my soul. The journey will be long and hard and unfortunately wet. I will not turn around. I have gone too far and the last thing I want to do is prove them right. They never believed in me. Fools. I can see them mocking me in my mind’s eye, curse those damn words and the writer’s block they have caused me. My story will appear on the other side of the mist.

Unless of course Twitter distracts me again.