First Lines


Just because I am working hard on edits for my last novel does not mean I was able to stop myself from plotting and jotting down ideas for my next. I have been playing around with the opening lines for a week or so, this is my most recent attempt.

How do you know if what you find is real if you’re not looking for it? The question didn’t make sense to her, it frightened her. Before she agreed to the end, she had to find the beginning.

Let me know your thoughts.

Lost in the Moment

IMAG0047Here is an excerpt on my most recent work in progress. It has been a long ride but I am pleased to say the first draft has one maybe two chapters left before the end.

Alison knew what was going on, on some level it made sense. It had always made sense. When she was younger it happened, back then losing a moment or two of time didn’t seem to matter. When she had been a little girl getting lost in the emotion of the moment had been an adventure. Occasionally she would remember what had transpired, other times she would wake up not having the slightest clue where the afternoon had been spent. Alison had never been harmed in those lost moments and from what little she could remember no one else had been harmed.

She had never once been scared. No, the excitement pulsed through her young body. It was the reason she never told anyone about the episodes, the loss of them was a reality she could not face.