Editing My Experience

TypewritierThe entire month of August I have been working my way through a very new experience. Over the last few weeks I have completed my first round of editing on my recently completed novel. This marks the first time I have gotten serious in the editing process of any of my longer works.

It was a surprising experience. At times some of the sentences were not even English and then they would be followed by great works of grammar. Not entirely sure how that happened but at least part of it was readable.

I found that I can enjoy my own writing in a way that I could not have predicted, it was over all an eye opening experience.

Is it done? No

Do I need to dig even deeper into my scenes and characters? Yes

Do I believe it has legitimate potential? Yes

Am I looking forward to round 2? I am as excited as when I sat down to write the first sentence.

Anyone else have this same kind experience in the editing process?