Poor Timing

Panic, panic was the only word Alex could think of when she heard the door click in the middle of her putting the chicken in the oven. Of all the obsessive compulsive things Alex had done to prepare for her date with the Dream Boat she had actually managed to forget to tell John about it.

John was about to walk in and James was expected to do the same within the next 15 minutes. Red Alert, Full blown panic, she needed a plan and she needed it desperately.

It’s not like she could just kick John out for the night, but it was also be beyond awkward to have them both there at the same time. Alex needed a bribe and she needed it now, what could she possibly come out with in this critical moment?


When bad turns to oh so good

Generally Alex would have spent days pouting over and then plotting revenge against that evil, evil old lady. However, being called a harlot actually managed to bring her a very good stroke of luck. After the incident Alex stormed off to her, go to coffee shop for emotional release and that’s where she met him.

James was his name and he was so very pretty standing in front of her in line. The smile he gave Alex made her heart melt, and when he bought her coffee she thought she would turn into a giggling school girl. The conversation the two of them shared for the next two hours was the best she had experienced in a long time with a new man.

He was perfection, he was light; she was exaggerating but that did not stop her from inviting him to her place for dinner later that week.


John had been truly upset to the point of almost being frightened when he spoke about the neighbor as he referred to her. Alex had even forgotten to give him the fifth degree about his date. Alex was now determined to meet this evil old lady for herself.

For three days Alex took her absolute sweet time walking down the hall, down the stairs, and out the front door in hopes of catching a glimpse. She felt like she was hunting for the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Everytime a door opened Alex would slow her walk, she was a wild animal hoping to be trapped in the snare.

On the fourth day Alex was granted her wish when a little old lady stopped her in her tracks and introduced herself as Gertrude.

“Are you the young lady living sinfully with that young man I met the other day”?

“Yes I live with him as roommates, his name is John”

“We had a name for women like you in my day” with an extravagent whip of her bath robe Gertrude walked back to her front door, “HARLOT” follwed by the door being slammed with unadulterated conviction.

The Neighbor

Alex never did get any details on the mysterious date, at some point during the movie she fell asleep. Not only that but John had the audacity to leave early the next day to do who knows what without giving her the proper details, his first roommate faux pas. Alex was left to wonder, wait, wonder, and most frustrating of all wait.

John came in panting, covered with sweat, it became clear his early morning disappearance was a morning jog. As Alex was going to pounce of him and demand information she was shut down by the expression on his face. Out of breathe John demanded, “Have you met her, I mean please tell me you have met her, did she give you the fifth degree”?

“Who are you talking about, what happened”?

“The old lady, our next door neighbor, she trapped me on my way up the stairs, and then she demanded to know what our intentons were, us, living together in such an inappropiate manner”!


*Madge Sinclair