Where the Magic Happens

Image 2One of the new categories I am introducing is called “Writing Places”. It is going to be a a photographic showcase of all the places I do my writing and all of the places I dream about doing my writing.

It occurred to me that I should probably show where I currently do most of my writing, I like to call it my hot mess desk. As you can see there are notebooks, laptops and general mayhem. I make notes everywhere and never seem to focus on any single project for more than a few moments at a time. I wonder if I could actually write in an organized space?

Where do you all do most of your writing? At home, at some exotic location? Is it neat and tidy or if possible is it even more chaotic than my current space?

As long as your writing I am sure the space is just write for your creative flow.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!



8 thoughts on “Where the Magic Happens

  1. In my favorite chair, looking out onto a cow pasture, on my iPad whenever there is an opportunity. I actually see order in your hot mess. I look forward to seeing your photos.

  2. That is neat and orderly compared to mine. I’ll try to get to taking a pic & posting it on my blog. I’ve been thinking of doing that anyway. Thank you, Patti

  3. My writing happens most anywhere. I always keep my iPad handy and I have a folder with paper and pens and pencils with me. If worst comes to worst I’ll take a note down on my phone as a text draft and go through them later. My desk is constantly a mess (yes, I have a desk and desktop computer I write at occasionally even when using my iPad) and I go through and clean it periodically. Often that time comes when my muse hits me upside the head with an idea and I have no space to create on my desk or I feel it’s just too cluttered for me to create anything. I’ve heard people talk that a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind but I don’t always find that to be the case.

  4. Your “mess” is organized, imho. I use sticky notes and digitize them on Evernote and drop box so I can have access to my random ideas as I’m working on a project. Like you, I jump around from project to project so it takes me forever to get done with something. And I still find myself looking at the wall of new sticky notes and tell myself to compartmentalize them again. The upside is we’ll always have something in our “to do” list. 😉

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