Which Writer Are You?


Is it too much to ask to be both?


22 thoughts on “Which Writer Are You?

  1. I don’t like poems that are so open to interpretation that no-one REALLY understands it. It’s almost like the writer is mocking you. I do not want people to enjoy reading my work.; not agonize over it.

    It’s good to make people think.

    • Perhaps a slip of the finger or intentional? You mention, “I do not want people to enjoy reading my work.; (sic) not agonize over it.” I ask about the first of the two nots. Got me thinking and wondering.

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  3. I think Brian Aldiss is dead wrong for trying to define a writer by such limiting options to begin with! I think there is only ONE kind of writer … someone who writes! Our reactions to any writer, as readers, should be almost limitless, to think, to wonder are just too small possibilities in an unlimited universe. Just my two cents LOL

  4. I think the two often go hand in hand, but I believe what type of writer you are has more to do with why you write. If you write to explore your own thoughts and tell your own stories, your reader will be called upon to think and to try to follow the metaphor bread-crumbs into your psyche. If you write to show the reader something about themselves, you will make them wonder and try to see their own life through the lens of your words.

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