Hawk’s Tale

20130224_144632Predatory, sweeping in from above.

The prey had no chance of survival.

It was not fair,

Natural order can rarely be fair.

The little birds try to put up a fight.

Dive, maneuver, hope for a break;

The end always seems,


But once and a while nature,

Allows for an opportunity.


Just Once.

The possibility.



3 thoughts on “Hawk’s Tale

  1. Great photo and poem. Though, it actually reminds me about seeing smaller birds taking on a larger bird. I saw this happen a lot to hawks when I lived in Florida.

  2. Thank you for visiting me and I do hope you will come again! I too have seen smaller birds attacking hawks, especially during hatching season. Even my blue birds will gang together to drive off a hawk. I like your poems and am now following.

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