After A Long Week

bathtubreaderI have found that after a long, hard week of work and hopefully writing there is no better way for me to relax than to crawl into the bath tub with a great book. It is a great place to imagine my next story. I had no idea, however, that there was actual set-ups for it, I had always winged it hoping that my beloved book did not end up in the water. It even has a place for me to put my week-ending cocktail, I may never leave my bath tub again. I can’t help but wonder if this is just a woman’s thing, do any of my male followers partake in this? I am quite curious.

Happy Friday Everyone.


12 thoughts on “After A Long Week

  1. A bath is an integral part of the writing life, at least as far as I’m concerned, and especially when living on a cold grey island like this. It’s a form of meditation and the perfect container, as in vessel, and as in something to hold you. Water is the source. Etc.

  2. I always shower – I haven’t been in a bath since I lived in England (many many years ago) with little heating in the bathroom – not conducive to long lingering baths when the water cools down almost instantly!

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