Reminder of the Pleasures and New Projects

My other simple pleasure? Writing and good beer.

Which brings me to my newest project – in addition to this blog I have decided to combine my love of Colorado Craft Beer and writing.

This new blog allows me to explore beer and push my writing in new directions and I would love for you to check it out.

Don’t worry, I will still be spending plenty of time over here 🙂

Self-published novel coming soon!

Summer Heat

In the heat of the summer solstice I am reminded of something –

You could even say it’s someone.

There is just something about the warm nights –

Young and old people don’t sleep early, they stay up late, allowing their imaginations to play with their fantasies.

I can visualize you. I can visualize the future.

In the middle of the night hunched over the table, a single bead of sweat will drop onto my journal.

The page wears it like a badge of courage.

It could be a tear to the untrained eye, they will be stuck wondering if it was for happiness or for pain.

It was neither,

It was both,

It was something I long for.

Allow Myself To…. Introduce Myself

I know this has been a long time coming. For those of you who have been with me from the beginning I sincerely appreciate your patience and continued support of this blog. As I have talked about for what seems like and what has become years I do in fact plan on self-publishing a novel in the immediate future.

While I am not certain of it, at some point, I have to show my first attempt to the world and I feel like it is very much something I can be proud of and will look back at fondly. I still intend to keep this particular site as my online writing space to share my thoughts, inspirations, interactions, poems etc. With that in mind I have started the process of a second page.

This new page will be dedicated to my published writing and any other opportunities that may come along. I would be greatly appreciative of your support on this new page. You all have been with me from the beginning and I hope that many of you will read and give me your feedback on the novel. Details will be coming soon, anticipation can be great 🙂

Without further ado, see below for the new blog:

I look forward to sharing this new adventure with you- my readers, my fellow writers and my cohorts in the blogging world.


  All I want to do,

All I want to be,

All I need to be complete.

At night it visits me, in the morning it hides behind the sun’s rays.

Who’s afraid to bring it out in the light of day?

Who’s going to judge?

Everyone I whisper- who cares the pen responds?