Is It Just Me Or?


Do all of your best ideas come to light just as darkness surrounds you? I can stare for hours at my notebook or at my laptop without a single thought to grab onto. Then, just as I drift off and dream of what could be the scene strikes. It’s never fully developed but it is a dare. Do I get out of the warm confines of my bed to jot down this magnificent unicorn of an idea? Or do I trust myself to remember it come the break of dawn?

I have done both several times, meeting with failure and victory.

Is it because I allow my mind to wander so freely that these thoughts take hold? Is it because my imagination is priming itself for whatever dream I am about to have? I wish I could capture whatever it is I do before I fall to sleep.

The perfect writing trance, it is like nirvana for my creativity. It cannot be created only experienced.

Experience is the best teacher.