Obnoxiously Opulent


This isn’t a lecture.

We’ve had too many of those no matter how elegantly written.

Instead a suggestion if I may?

And  I will.

If you elect to let it fly by invest in something, something obnoxiously opulent.

Watch the time tick by in style.


There Used To Be

DSCN0157There used to be a time when I could come out here,

I could see for miles and miles,

what would I see you might wonder? The answer is simple,


Now, As I sit parked in the my car, no longer hidden from the city lights I know that I can see it all.

No more can I look to the right and wonder what might prowl on the plains.

I sit here and wonder on top of this modest hill- what will happen in just a few more days?

A few more months? Will I even sit here on the side of the road masked by the cover of darkness?


There is no place to hide.

If I want to see the stars unhindered I will have to run further the next time. 

Speeding down a new abandoned highway, the journey is no longer minutes but hours.

All to see the stars,