An Extended Hiatus

Hello Everyone,

As some of you might have noticed I haven’t been dedicated nearly as much or enough time to this blog over the last few weeks.

For that reason and because I have several larger projects (novels) to complete I am going to take an extended break. I will be away for approximately one month.

When I get back there will be a new layout, lots of fresh new material and I hope to make an announcement about self- publishing at least one of my novels.

As always I sincerely thank you for your support and hope to see you when I get back.


Thursday Update

ThursdayThursday is generally my day off to recharge and relax for the next couple of days ahead. After next week that will be no more, so I am going to take complete advantage of this one.

I just wanted to do a brief post today mostly thanking all of my followers. I have nearly 1,100 people following this blog now and to me that is both amazing and humbling. Thank you so much for your support, comments and likes. 🙂 I also wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the numerous awards many different people have taken time out to nominate me for; I see them and trust me they are greatly appreciated.

Lastly, because I need accountability everywhere I am going to share my current Camp Nanowrimo Stats.

I am going for the full 50,00 words in the month of April, after a full two days of writing I stand at 5,828 words. Not a bad start and I am hoping to get greedy and double it this afternoon. I think the best news of all is that I have started to fall in love a bit with my main character John, it shall be a brief 50,000 word love affair but I will give it my all.

Happy Writing Everyone!