April Showers

They Say-

They said it then,

they say it now,

that April showers bring May Flowers.

Said with such optimism and hope but

if you think about it,

it’s quite the battle of wills.

Nature versus nature.

They need each other to thrive but

the balance is tenuous at best.

There is a special type of beauty to be found in survival.

Before The Bloom


It’s a hint but not quite a promise for what’s to come.

A future filled with a unique beauty. Part of the pack yet distinct to its surroundings.

Even the same roots and care cannot guarantee the same outcome.

The mystery of spring encompassed by each, an unlimited number of chances. 

But what if one more freeze takes hold under the cover of darkness?

The bloom night not make it. Then again, it might just be more exquisite. 

It’s the inherent risk of nature- 

No beauty without sacrifice.

The Waiting Month


When you get right down to it there isn’t really much redeemable about February.

Yes there is a day of love.

It is also the shortest month but for me,

for me it takes the longest.

There is no hidden anticipation.

All is doom, gloom and the farthest thing from bloom.

No hope yet.

Just passing time as I patiently wait for the promise of renewal in

spring- in March.