Men can dust too


Alex was mad, extremely mad, if  John was going to be honest with himself he would admit that she was livid. Livid enough that for the past three days she had given him the silent treatment, she had not spoken a single word to him since the “incident”. It wasn’t that he hadn’t ticked off a woman before, quite the opposite actually, but he hadn’t ticked off a woman who he lived with since he lived with his mother in high school.

Back then all he had to do to get back in her good graces was clean the house. It didn’t seem particularly logical but it was the best idea he had come up with so far. Maybe, just maybe, Alex would start speaking to him again if she came home to a sparkling, dust free apartment after work. Smiling to himself he believed he had figured it out, maybe living with a woman had given him a newfound sense of understanding. Precious information that perhaps he should share with his fellow man.

Several hours later; after all the scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming he could muster Alex walked in from work.

“Nice try”, was all she said as she sailed into her bedroom. John couldn’t help but to shout in return, “at least I got you to talk to me”!

The Male Ritual

Ashley had already fallen into a new routine with John as her new roommate, living with a guy wasn’t going to be that big of a deal with the exception of where she could and could not put her shoes. Ashely had known all of John’s quirks from years of being friends, and truly she hadn’t been surprised by any of his actions, that all changed Friday night.

Ashley had planned herself a movie night for Friday, what she had not planned was her roommate having plans, not just any plans but a date. Ashley was not jealous, instead she found herself confused, she had never taken the time to watch John get ready for a date it was turning into quite the experience.

Who knew that a man could take so long and so many steps when getting ready; it wasn’t just shower, brush your teeth, get dressed and fly out the door as she assumed? It took John 25 minutes to pick the right shoes to go with his shirt without being too “matchy, matchy”. Not only that but an additional 10 minutes to select which wash of jeans worked just right with his baby blue button up shirt. Lastly, the shave, he slaved over the mirror to make sure he wasn’t too clean shaven, woman he said, “like the hint of danger that comes with proper stubble”.

Ashley was entranced.