Summer Heat

In the heat of the summer solstice I am reminded of something –

You could even say it’s someone.

There is just something about the warm nights –

Young and old people don’t sleep early, they stay up late, allowing their imaginations to play with their fantasies.

I can visualize you. I can visualize the future.

In the middle of the night hunched over the table, a single bead of sweat will drop onto my journal.

The page wears it like a badge of courage.

It could be a tear to the untrained eye, they will be stuck wondering if it was for happiness or for pain.

It was neither,

It was both,

It was something I long for.


Off in the Night


From the abandoned floor he could see everything. The city lay before him lit up in the night sky. Every builidng called to him by name. The choices were overwhelming. All he needed was one singular building but he was unable to narrow the list to five. Sipping from his coffee mug he let his soul lead his eyes. Off in the distance his muse finally appeared. He sat down on the carpet and began to write. Write the words to match the building to match his love for the woman he would ask to be his wife.