Let It Flow

20130106_095303A funny thing happened to me last night; no funny is not the appropriate word to use, a surprising thing occurred. For the first time since I began writing seriously I was not able to write down my true emotions. I wrote outside of myself; I tried to clean it up and make it what I assumed other people would want to or need to hear. This has never happened to me; it was a reality check, what exactly was I trying to hide? I thought about it and the answer is nothing; I have never believed in hiding behind anything before so why should it start now? If I can’t express myself in my writing why am I doing it? Anyone else share this struggle, what did you do to work through it? Let’s make a promise to just own it.

Be Creative, Take a Risk, Let it Flow; the most important works I have read were not cloaked in the safety of the norm.