Where Does The Time Go?

Image 1I have noticed lately that I am really good at setting goals. I mean really I set some amazing goals, my problem seems to be in the follow through. They say the first step in fixing the problem is to admit you have one… I am an disorganized procrastinator when it comes to my beloved writing. I am forever chasing down my next idea, poem, thought, phrase and leaving the actual work to be done eventually.

At some point this has to end or I will never get to the end of anything. I am trying to complete the first round of editing on at least on of my books in August. This being July 31st I thought I would reach out to my followers and ask them how they keep it all together.

How do you plan your writing and/or editing?

Do you plan specific times and days?

What is the best way to hold yourself accountable?

Any and all suggestions are welcome, this month will be the month I finish!