John had been truly upset to the point of almost being frightened when he spoke about the neighbor as he referred to her. Alex had even forgotten to give him the fifth degree about his date. Alex was now determined to meet this evil old lady for herself.

For three days Alex took her absolute sweet time walking down the hall, down the stairs, and out the front door in hopes of catching a glimpse. She felt like she was hunting for the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Everytime a door opened Alex would slow her walk, she was a wild animal hoping to be trapped in the snare.

On the fourth day Alex was granted her wish when a little old lady stopped her in her tracks and introduced herself as Gertrude.

“Are you the young lady living sinfully with that young man I met the other day”?

“Yes I live with him as roommates, his name is John”

“We had a name for women like you in my day” with an extravagent whip of her bath robe Gertrude walked back to her front door, “HARLOT” follwed by the door being slammed with unadulterated conviction.


What if?

Alex had to admit John looked really good when he left on his date. Better than he had looked in a while, he had always been a good looking man but he had gone the extra mile.

It was driving her crazy, she barely paid any attention to PS I Love You, her favorite sap fest of all time. Just who was this chick that John had spent so much time prepping to impress? Better yet why had he failed to even mention here prior to tonight? What was John hiding, they told each other everything?


“Oh my god, what if he brings her home tonight”?!








Shock and Awe

John had known Alex her entire life, he spent a lot of time at her previous places and had gone on several group vacations, but nothing had prepared him. Nothing he could have done, seen, or heard could have possibly prepared him.

The cold, hard reality smacked him across the face like a man challenging another man to a duel with a leather glove. The harsh smack of reality hurt like a boxer’s punch but stung like being whipped by a wet towel. Intense, reverberating; both his mind and body were held in a fog of pain.

Shoes. Everywhere. In every single closet of their new apartment. All of them, all of the closets, how did John learn this lesson? He found multiple pairs of obnoxious, neon heels in his closet, in his bedroom.