Your Own Obstacle

DSCN1009What is the first thing that you notice?

Perhaps that it is the chain link fence with its numerous connotations-

Maybe it is the solid linking chains wrapped around the handle of the gate-

Or even better it’s the padlock, so worn from the weather that it’s blue strip around the bottom has faded to rusted metal.

The blockade has been set up for so long the weeds have become overgrown offering nature’s own additional locking system.

It would seem there is no way around, this is the end, this is the point where you return to your previous existence.

This is it.

It is for many-

For those who don’t want to think a bit more, for those who don’t fully wonder- afraid to ponder- curiosity was was never their muse.

They miss it-

You can too if you want.

Any child would hop the fence or even-

walk the extra one hundred yards to get around.

You are your only obstacle-

You and-

You alone.


The 4th Step

No matter how far you’ve gone,
Regardless of how many steps you’ve taken.
One more is monumental.
It is smaller than any of the others but it triggers,
Self doubt, worry, paranoia, panic.
Not the fear of failure but the fear of failing to succeed.

Fortunately success is the only answer, option, and possibility.