Catching My Eye

DSCN0205There is absolutely no reason to take this picture,

There is nothing interesting about it.

It doesn’t have contrast,

There is nothing significant.

Yet I can’t help myself.

Snap, Shutter, Snap, Snap.

Capture, whatever it might have been, it is now forever imposed in my camera.

Maybe one day I will figure it out,

Part of me hopes that isn’t true,

There is something forever interesting about

What might have been, what could be.


of all




People say that desperate times call for desperate measures. Desperate may not be the most appropriate word for the situation but it would garner the desired results.

The exact moment it happened could not be deciphered. All that he understood was the need to flee became more than a passing thought but a way of life.

Money as always was tight, he had only dollars to spare. Time was even tighter, he would be lucky to find minutes to spare.

If he didn’t get away he was certain the anxiety that racked his body would cripple him. Consequences be damned, he had to do this for him.

Ever so slowly he made his way across the room and grasped at his last resort. Flipping open the cover, his fingers slid across the page, his eyes adjusted to the text, minutes later his was gone.