As To Be


Six word stories with this photograph in Denver as the setting:

Wall discourse sets us all free.

I was not once seen plainly.

To be everything is a trap.

His proposal under the bridge failed.

Only the shadows warm my heart.

Happiness given by uniquely blue letters.

In the window my reflection soared.

Against the wall she loved him.

The sun dried tears of bliss.

Unseen she was still his world.




The fortune teller in the window is calling my name. I went once before but the accuracy was so great that I have never returned. No one ever told me what a burden it would be to know your fate. It makes you question every move you make. You don’t know what is worse; to live out your prophecy or to corrupt your future as it was ordained. I want both and I want neither which is why I only look when I pass the fortune teller calling my name.

The Battle

So It Begins…

She was locked in an intense battle, the odds were neatly stacked against her. It was clear to all that saw her that she was fighting and unwinnable war. It was clear to anyone, everyone but her. To her it was only a matter of time before she would come out victorious. She had the answer tucked away in her pocket. She needed to wait for the opportune moment. For only a moment would be required to snatch victory.

A howl of pain and emotion escaped her throat. There wasn’t much time left now. The line between success and failure was beginning to fade into the morning mist. It was quickly becoming a battle just for survival, it was time. Time to pull out her last resort. Crawling across the break room she reached for it. Her finger tips touched than gripped the powerful mug. The coffee elixir would get her through her current work day.

But alas the battle would begin anew tomorrow.


The Never-Ending Journey



I know it’s there, I may not be able to see it on the horizon but I can feel it in my soul. The journey will be long and hard and unfortunately wet. I will not turn around. I have gone too far and the last thing I want to do is prove them right. They never believed in me. Fools. I can see them mocking me in my mind’s eye, curse those damn words and the writer’s block they have caused me. My story will appear on the other side of the mist.

Unless of course Twitter distracts me again.