Love The Stairs


Sorry I haven’t been posting regularly, I was working the stairs of NaNoWriMo.

Good news, I hit 50,000 words- even better news I will be back to my regular routine.


In Praise of my Ego

DSCN0749The Ego is define as a person’s sense of self importance- and to me it is vastly underrated.

It is my ego that lets me look at this view and say those few clouds should be with the rest below me.

 “After and only after my ego has taken me where I need to be, where I should be, will I think about giving it a break. I can’t promise I will look for humble though, don’t ask for that.”- A

The 4th Step

No matter how far you’ve gone,
Regardless of how many steps you’ve taken.
One more is monumental.
It is smaller than any of the others but it triggers,
Self doubt, worry, paranoia, panic.
Not the fear of failure but the fear of failing to succeed.

Fortunately success is the only answer, option, and possibility.