Six Words

ThrowBack6I saw this on another blog the other day, I really can’t remember any of the details but the idea behind it caught my attention. The challenge was to try to tell a story in six words. At first it didn’t that difficult but it really challenged my thought process, sentence structure and my vocabulary.

Here are some of my attempts; they are good, bad and horrifying. 🙂

-The long walk ended in tears.

-All his children fought their history.

-Irrevocably damaged, indeterminate optimism, eternity achieved.

-I went to the store forever.

-The house of one hundred truths.

-My notebook knows all my secrets.

-Love, hallucinations and how it works.

-Fall into a drink forget nothing.

-She always danced to her beat.

-From below every conversation was heard.

What’s your best attempt?


Trinket Bookshelf


I am still on the hunt for the perfect bookshelf. My collection of books is constantly growing and I am running out of space and though I don’t like to admit it I am even out of room on the floor. This shelf grabbed me because it was the type of shelf I want to find my own books on one day. It is modern and fun while offering nice storage. It also adds a spot for the placement of unique items.

What trinket would you put at the end of each shelf?

Happy Friday Everyone!



ImageSlam, Shoot, Slam.

The practice has become ritual.

Dancing with the Agave.

Lime and salt intermixing upon my tongue.

The burn, the burn it’s

Only temporary.

The residual ecstasy is fleeting.

Oh Tequila you saucy minx.

Each time you justify the pleasure being worth the pain.


Happy Cinco De Mayo.


Friday Doodling


I know this isn’t practical and really doesn’t make any sense at all but that is why I have to have it! I don’t know if I would start with a white book shelf, I am more likely to use light blue. I would have various colors of sharpies readily available and anytime someone wanted to borrow a book I would have them leave a note upon returning it, or maybe as a check out routine. I could also see myself jotting down a few notes about my favorite books. It is a big bookshelf of creativity. It’s more than just books and writing; it is a collaboration of them, right in front of you.

Hey, I might even be able to keep my books organized that way….. haha who are kidding my books will never be organized, just the way I like it.

Happy Friday Everyone!

A Guinness Salute

G012-Guinness-LobsterVisions of Green Leprechauns Dancing in my head.

It’s a holiday,

A great excuse to put away your


Celebrate the good,

Save everything else for another


Immerse yourself

Enchanting (ly)

Blissful (ly)

Four leaf clovers,

Guinness flowing,

Jameson poured.

Debauchery all in good nature.

Jig, Laugh, Hug.

Fall over,

Stumble, Occasional (ly).

Cheers, Salute, Be Merry.

Friday Dance Party



Yep I just went there. Yep I am feeling frisky this Friday.

Generally Fridays are all about setting goals, getting out there and taking risks. Not this Friday.

This Friday I plan on celebrating; I finished my first quarter successfully.

Not only that but I shared some of my writing and guess what? People close to me enjoyed it… I know it was a pleasant surprise!

So instead of talking about inspiration or taking a new step I am encouraging everyone to take the time and celebrate.

I am sure you have done something great no matter how small this week.

Go on do a little dance in victory, don’t deny it. I know you want to.

Get Down On It.

Just Dance.