Poem 7.1.15 (2)

Words can capture the essence but they don’t bring about understanding.

I keep thinking, it’s the definition of insanity.

I can’t help it, there’s a bit of crazy in these genes.

Maybe tomorrow,

Maybe never.

I’ll pick up the pen anyways to try and explain all the things you do to me.

After I figure it out,

I’ll teach you how to read.


11 Years Later

A single melody,

a single flower,

both transport me to another time.

Memories triggered of your crooked smile


the way your shoulders danced to the calypso beat.

Love is only stronger because with age has come


They say you can’t escape your roots-

that’s just fine.

A zest for live, love, family, and nature with an undying sense of


On Sunday we will have you back in our conversation.

The only tears will come from laughter-

that I promise you.

A Sentimental Journey

How many sentimental journeys do we take in a





The seduction of the memory cannot be resisted.

Heartbreak or fulfillment each beg you with equal vigor.

Are we running from our future or to our past?

The present is unable to offer the nostalgia we crave.

As long as you understand it’s not the memory it’s too far gone now.

Now we are in love with the sentiment.

Poem 1.2.14 (1)

A foundation of strength prevents a weak house.

A voice, a pillar, a moment of time all shared through the power of a story.

Just one lifetime.

Left behind we will revel and climb to higher places. We didn’t have to start from the bottom.

I can leave a greater foundation for the next generation.

Eternally grateful – Constantly smiling.




I may not know where I am going but I do know I want to make you proud.

It was more than just a slogan; a life motto: Intelligent, Beautiful, Modest.

I don’t do it for you, I do it because of you and what you wanted me to be.

The risks, the reward, the pain, the joy.

In the end your absence has grown, grown to appreciation for what was, what can be.

It does not mean I wouldn’t do anything for one more conversation; a room full of familiar scents; Pall Malls, Black Coffee.

You are with me, a part of me; if I want to hear you I can in my actions, in my thoughts and in his music.

Forever Grateful.