Outside my Window

Fall is coming, all that was lush and green will fall under death’s trance.

A temporary respite from the living. A momentary invitation to dance in death’s shadow.

Does nature get a chance to know what lies beyond? Is that why it fights so hard every spring?

If given the choice to know all, to have all the mysteries revealed I’d fight like hell.

No mysteries- No satisfaction.

The Strength of Fall

It is not the beginning,

It is not the end.

A time for reflection, a time of


Life becomes dormant,

Hoping it will return again in the Spring.

Lessons can be learned in nature now.

Preparation has begun for the harshest weather

The beauty has retreated, not gone.

What will you do when the harshest weather comes?

Will you be like the tree?

Will you prepare and take strength in your roots?

Or will you be the flower?