Summer Changes

I think what I like most about the summer is its ability to be dramatic. It can be sunny and cheerful one moment and then dark and destructive the next.

You think you can see the storm coming but you can never be sure until it arrives.

There is no preparation only experience.

It strikes me as the right way to approach the world


for me, for tonight, writing.

Sunrise on Fremont

AliceInWonderlandThe other day I went on a stroll at 6am.

The things I saw cannot be shared for fear of breaking the code.

It was brilliance; ladies in lace, men missing their suit jackets.

People young and old and those who were confused as to their age intermingled.

No shame, no guilt, merely a laugh shared among only those who truly knew.

Dreams accomplished for some, Dreams shattered for many.

A story for each and a story for me.

Thanks Vegas 😉