How Do You Define Poetry?

Image 1For my Children’s literature class we spent an entire week discussing poetry. It was really the first time I had discussed poetry on that type of level since I had started writing it. It, like the rest of the class, was eye opening. Poetry can be expressed and utilized in more ways than I had previously considered. It can be used to teach children to write, express themselves and to learn a new language.

I may be in the minority but I always saw poetry as this “grand” work. Now more than ever I see it as an expression of emotion that anyone and everyone is capable of making.

One of the questions we were asked to end the section was how would we define poetry?

“Poetry is a window to the soul of the poet”

“Poetry offers readers the opportunity to explore emotions, ideas and the extraordinary use of language”

“Poetry is the best words in the best order”

The definition I connect to most is that of Robert Frost,

A Poem Begins in Delight and Ends in Wisdom.

How Do You Define Poetry?