Free Fear Monday



Friday Chances


When was the last time you took a big chance?

How long has it been since you risked it all?

Have you ever gone double or nothing?

There is no reason to not start your next project. You can create whatever you want.

Take a Risk.

Take a Gamble.

Write it Down.

Happy Friday Everyone!

It’s Mardi Gras

20130210_133117Beads, Booze, Revelry.

Inhibitions set free, only for one day.

Hurricanes flowing from Pat O’Brien’s

Jazz floats onto the street from Preservation Hall.

Party now, repent later,

or not.

No one to judge you.

Bourbon Street is your stage;

Blend into the crowd or

Stand above the rest.

Catch a float or catch the trolley.

Follow your senses, leave your mind behind.

Because tomorrow, tomorrow you must return

to a place of rules, regulations.

Don’t miss the chance to paint your master piece in the vivd colors of

Green, Gold and Purple.