NaNoWriMo Prep Work

NanoPrepIt is that time of year again and I have been seriously considering what I want to write for NaNoWriMo. There are two things that worry me about the upcoming month of November and all if the fun madness that comes with it. The first and perhaps least concerning thing is that my two graduate classes will be coming to an end on November 15th, so for half the month I will be writing frantically while trying to perfect my class writing.

That, however, is not my biggest concern. Last year I have a full outline and a game plan going into the month. I am not going to have as much time to dedicate myself to that process this year. What I do have is a character, I have woman etched in my mind down to the last detail of her personality.

My question to my readers is this- Can you write an entire 50,000 word novel with just a character in mind?

Happy Friday Everyone!

Editing My Experience

TypewritierThe entire month of August I have been working my way through a very new experience. Over the last few weeks I have completed my first round of editing on my recently completed novel. This marks the first time I have gotten serious in the editing process of any of my longer works.

It was a surprising experience. At times some of the sentences were not even English and then they would be followed by great works of grammar. Not entirely sure how that happened but at least part of it was readable.

I found that I can enjoy my own writing in a way that I could not have predicted, it was over all an eye opening experience.

Is it done? No

Do I need to dig even deeper into my scenes and characters? Yes

Do I believe it has legitimate potential? Yes

Am I looking forward to round 2? I am as excited as when I sat down to write the first sentence.

Anyone else have this same kind experience in the editing process?

Character Fight

Fictional Characters

In case you were wondering that is me except with the impromptu blizzard I am doing all of my brainstorming in the warmth of my home. Occasionally I do it at work as well but I trust all of you not to mention it to anyone 🙂

I am making a lot of progress for Camp Nanowrimo which is great, I am actually enjoying my plot and where things are headed even though it was not at all what I anticipated from the onset. There is, however, an issue which is staring me down from my laptop and that is my character development.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel like my reader knows what they look like and their back-story, they might even know why they act the way they do but I want more. My problem is that I am not entirely sure what it is I want or how I can go about doing it.

Ideas? Anyone? What do you want from you characters when you write or even when you read?

Don’t be shy.

15,000 words down only 35,000 to go.