Park Bench


It’s an interesting place to sit.

Not a place where you can watch the people meander along.

No it’s a place that forces you to look inside.

The serenity at the top of the mountain allows for peace within.

Negativity evaporates into the sky to be lost forever.

Possibility like the view appears to be endless.

Too bad benches like this don’t appear in front of me more frequently.

Take me back one more time.

I just need five more minutes.

I just need.

An Unmarked Path

Even in the thickest of forests where you cannot decipher where one tree starts and another one ends there is a path.

A break in the intimidation, calling you to explore.

No footprints speak of those who have gone before.

You can only see just the beginning.

It can take you deep inside with nothing to promise.

Irresistible to you inner adventurer but more irresistible when it comes to your need to run away.

Go ahead, wander in for a moment or two.

If you lose your edge you can always turn back but remember your steps will not leave a mark.