Friday Relaxation


The first full week of the New Year, the first full week of school and more books on hand that I can possibly read. It is a fantastic yet daunting way to get the year rolling; the last few Friday posts have been all about finding inspiration, this one is not. After all the inspiration and hard work there has to be a reward otherwise what is the point? I have always enjoyed a nice warm bath and book to unwind after a long week, this is the ultimate version of that experience. Can you just imagine yourself in this cave hot tub in Santorini Greece unwinding with your favorite book? I can, Happy Friday Everyone!

Go with Simple and Beauty Will Follow


It is a very cold Friday here in Colorado which reminds me that November is soon upon us and all the time I had to prepare for NaNoWriMo is quickly disappearing. I picked this shelf because of its combination of simplicity and beauty, something I am going to have to remember in the upcoming weeks if I want to survive writing an entire novel in one month. Happy Friday Everyone!