The Beauty of the Basics

20130127_101239Wondering from gallery to gallery I was struck by any number of things; first and foremost I was glad to have gone so early on a Sunday when I could fully enjoy the art work in peace. The art which was gloriously and simply displayed was that of Clyfford Still in the self titled museum he required in his will to hold all of his collection, close to 2,500 pieces. In the nine galleries you wander, struck by his earlier work, conventional; then you begin to linger and see the over exaggeration of extremities where you see his work take shape; finally you are captured by his later use of the abstract and vivid colors to capture your mind.

Slowly over time his work deconstructs in my mind; he goes back to the most simple use of color and canvas; he can say more in a few strokes of a brush than some can in an entire scene. I am jealous that he is able to convey so much in so little; each stroke stronger and more important than the last but both equally important to the story. I connect that to my own writing; it is a challenge, in a word full of description and over the top sensation it is the most simple that can be the most moving.

Find beauty in the simplicity, if it can be said in two words it should, the rest is unnecessary and taking away from what you are truly trying to do no matter what your craft may be.

-Simple Sophistication-