Creativity Pep Talk

When you stand of the precipice of really going for something it is amazing how many doubts and fears pop up. I am in the final stages of editing and I have someone working on a cover so that I can self publish my first novel. My excitement most days is tempered by this absurd fear of failure. I haven’t even tried and I am worried that it will be mocked, ridiculed and any other negative thought you might be capable of imagining. Yet that isn’t what keeps me up at night. Late at night when my creative muse prefers to do her little dance I have to reconcile myself to the idea that even if it is terrible I won’t stop. I can’t stop writing, I find myself doing it all the time I can’t imagine a day without it. 

I have found solace in that I am not alone- writers while it’s a solitary activity are never alone.

Below is a great TED talk from Elizabeth Gilbert that I encourage all writers or people with a creative instinct watch.

Your Elusive Creative Genius

Mardi Gras


Sometimes you need a reason to toss inhibition to the side.

Imbibe in a tangy hurricane.

Pop a beignet, a pastry delight from the gods.

An extra drop or five of hot sauce in your gumbo.

Find yourself lost in the crowd on Bourbon street.

Jump, dance, maybe even something more risqué to get a strand of those beads.

The music and the atmosphere leave you hypnotized.

Under a spell of debauchery- not a worry in the world.

Forget about tomorrow you can always repent in the future.
If you want to- I don’t.

Pass the hot sauce.