An Extended Hiatus

Hello Everyone,

As some of you might have noticed I haven’t been dedicated nearly as much or enough time to this blog over the last few weeks.

For that reason and because I have several larger projects (novels) to complete I am going to take an extended break. I will be away for approximately one month.

When I get back there will be a new layout, lots of fresh new material and I hope to make an announcement about self- publishing at least one of my novels.

As always I sincerely thank you for your support and hope to see you when I get back.


Stalk Your Target


Title Poetry 7.29.15 (5)

A Poem Can Be Found Anywhere If You Take The Time To Look:

The beautiful and the damned,

are on the road,

as Dharma Bums,

looking for the end,

in the garden of the beasts.

Several Lives


Rope Lights 

Sometimes even the light needs support.

Nothing more solid than an old tree firmly rooted along the riverbed.

It offers a platform, a blank canvas for the light to manipulate.

With each passing moment the sun sets further to the west allowing the light to come to the forefront.

Then and only then,

If and only if

you are willing.

The sparkle will show the unrepeatable contours of the bark.

Easily missed but it’s shelter allows for everything else.

Never underestimate the shell in nature, or

in you.

Seduced By Writing

Bubbles for Inspiration

 I was struggling to get back on track with my latest novel so I decided a change of scenery was needed. 

Delicious local beer can get the creative juices flowing, every bubble is an idea.

Where do you go to get the juices flowing?

Literary Cobblestones

Paving life's journey one page at a time.

Sassy Story Time

You're really sarcastic, highly intelligent, and super sassy. Welcome to my blog, friend!

That Random Writer

Trying to form poetry with broken words.

Will Write For Boots

Doc Martens, Chai Tea Lattes, and a Writer's Soul

Love the smell of books.

We're booklovers.


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