Self – Realization

There once was a woman who spoke louder than her actions and found herself mired in mediocrity. Often she spoke of risk, drive, and dreams only to fail to act. There was greatness trapped within, it had snuck out on the occasion but had yet to stay. Could she ever realize it?

More than likely she would be left with nothing. But would that be worse than leaving belief and talent dormant?

At the crossroad she had to risk everything or never speak again.

Her voice refused quit.

Infamous Last Words

What would you say if you knew this was the last time someone would listen?

Would you be trite or verbose? Perhaps comical instead of serious?

Is there some piece of information, some lesson learned or regret that could alter the lives of those around you? Hell, the world around you?

What do you think, is it buried deep inside of you? Are you hopeful that in the final seconds it will escape your lips?

What a pity then that you didn’t think to say it sooner.


Foundation Friday

IMG_0844.PNGHey Hey Everyone!

The countdown to November 1st also known and National Novel Writing Month is on.  I am once again going to try to reach the 50k with a new idea…. once I pick one. I am not complaining trust me, it’s nice to have a choice so the ideas can start flowing. I am going to log in for the first time this weekend and of course try and load up on writing buddies, I go by the name Liah2131 on there so feel free to add me so we can keep each other on track.

Anyone partaking this year? Do you have a new strategy?


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