Stumbling Into A Passion


This post might seem silly or even tedious. This blog is after all dedicated for the most part to my writing. However, I now think that I may have been wrong in my labeling it as my passion.

True my goal is to be a published author.

It’s also true that I have a deep love for writing and it gives me immense pleasure to write.

Yet neither of those things could honestly be labeled as what I am most passionate about.

Perhaps it is counter intuitive but those two things I have found are actually the result of one true passion.

There was a moment, an epiphany, when I found that my greatest desire is to tell stories.

There is nothing more that I want than to tell stories. There might not even be anything I wouldn’t risk for it.

How does this change everything?

Does it change anything?

I don’t have the answer to that just yet but I look forward to finding one.

For an unknown reason I feel like that answer if I find it might just be profound.

Inevitably Vain


Two standing, one fallen.

Two proud, one now lacking the power to stand tall.

Against the backdrop their position could not be clearer.

Two understand that one day, one day their time will come.

Until then- the two will take advantage of each opportunity, ray of sunshine.

No one wants the final fall to be made in vain.

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