Another Day, Another Challenge


To celebrate finishing up what I believe to be the last major edits of a novel I started over two years ago I am going to start yet another new story. You know because the other novel I did which is begging for its edits just isn’t enough.

I am participating in Camp NaNoWrimo in July and set my goal at 50K even though this is the month where you can pick a lower goal if you wish. It was tempting but there is something about the 50K mark that just calls to me.

I wonder is it possible to have too many stories, edits, poems, blogs etc. going on at once?

Nope :-)

Is anyone else participating? What are your goals and strategies?

Rocky Mountain Sunset

This past weekend I got to spend the night up in Steamboat Springs. One night was worth the three hour drive. There is just something special about being up there. It’s more than the altitude, the overflowing rivers, and the unimpeded view of the stars.

It’s calming, it’s rejuvenating, it helps a person re-align their priorities to start again.

Cheers to the next moment, photograph, and story.

Each Day


Each day when I wake up I know there will be a path waiting for me.

Some days I get to chose it, others I don’t.

Today was smooth but tomorrow can’t promise me anything.

Sometimes I walk along the edges in hopes of seeing something, anything.

Each night when I go to bed I close my eyes dreaming of the one path I can’t find.

As long as my eyes open each morning I will go to bed hopeful.

In the meantime I will enjoy the walk.